30 Days of Hyggё - A Creativity Journal (downloadable eBook)

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Hyggё (pronounced hue-guh) is a Danish word used when describing or observing a feeling or moment of coziness, tranquility, serenity, and luxurious nesting.

Hyggё is part of a conscious slowing down so you can focus on what matters, (re)connect with yourself and those who are important to you, boost your happiness, practice nurturing rituals, and allow yourself to live simply.

Hyggё rituals many people enjoy are:

  • Sipping hot cocoa or tea while listening to music
  • Reading for pleasure by the fireplace (real or fireplace on TV)
  • Burning a crackling candle that smells like pine while meditating
  • Baking cookies, scones, or muffins - and enjoying them with loved ones or sharing with neighbors
  • Knitting or doodling while listening to an audio book or an inspiring podcast

The 30 Days of Hyggё - Creativity Journal is designed to increase your mindfulness while you create cozy moment, habits, and rituals.

Tips and ideas are included to help you welcome this time of year with an openness and joy.

You can use this journal as a support or expansion to your current journaling practice.

You can also journal as a family or team.

  • 60+ pages (download + print)
  • Grey scale so you can add your own colors, stickers, doodles, clippings, and flair
  • Pages can be used in any order you choose
  • Flexible calendar features so you can choose pages based on themes, moods, and inspiration.