Bold Mantras for the End of the School Year (eGuide)

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Can you make it? Can you cross the finish line to wrap up the school year feeling happy, whole, rested, and stress-free?

Many of us struggle with this. We can see the end in sight - but it's still not within our reach.

It's hard to finish strong when the last few months of the school year seem to be busier than all the other months - combined.

Whether you are a veteran parent who has navigated this time of year before or a parent new to the school game - it's a lot. It takes a lot of energy to finish strong.

Let's say you are an amazing educator and you feel like you have to drag yourself into summer after all the lesson planning, grading, conferences, supervision, and the list goes on. You are bone tired!

This interactive guide provides space, guidance, and tools to help you breathe deeper, reduce your load, and plan for happier days as you wrap up the school year. The activities can be used individually or with your family - or team.

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