Finish What You Start – Work Sessions with Kanesha

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Staying focused and finishing what you’ve started can be exciting and challenging. Many of us are juggling so many things which makes it easy to get derailed and distracted from our projects. Our task lists are pages long and we may feel intimidated or unsure about how we should begin. Sometimes we take longer than we intended and that makes us feel uneasy. And then there are moments of procrastination that sneak in – and which makes us wonder where our time went?

If this sounds like something you’re experiencing, please join Productivity Strategist, Kanesha Baynard, for her Finish What You Start – Work sessions.

In real time – during these work sessions, Kanesha will support you in:

  • Identifying distractions

  • Curating your to-do list

  • Prioritizing tasks

  • Organizing your time

  • Moving forward on a current project


These works sessions are designed for people who want to:

  • maximize the strengths of their productivity profile

  • stop making excuses about finishing a task or project

  • create and upgrade their productivity habits

  • learn how to organize their work time more effectively

  • break down tasks into more manageable parts



  • Participants submit their project questionnaire before the session begins.

  • Kanesha gives direct feedback to each participant for 3 minutes – in a group coaching format.

  • Participants then work for 25 focused minutes on their task/project.

  • Kanesha facilitates a 20-minute Q&A session and provides additional guidance.

  • Each participant receives downloadable productivity tools to support their work.

All sessions take place via Zoom.

The sessions are NOT recorded.