Focus on What Matters: A Guided Journal

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We want things. We crave adventure. We desire luxury. We dream about amazing experiences. We tolerate our reality.

We get scattered, over-stretched, duty driven, and distracted.

The things we want the most are put on the back burner. Our passion filled projects are pushed in the corner, left for the weekends, or completely abandoned.

After successfully coaching high achieving individuals in one-on-one sessions and group events, I decided to create a guided journal that provides a template for creative brainstorming, structured goal mapping, and effective planning so high achieving individuals can focus on what matters most.

This guided journal is designed to be used in tandem with your scheduling system, your journal (if you keep one), or your vision board.

In this guided journal, each month has a blueprint for you to acknowledge your desires, prioritize your time, list accomplishments, and effectively plan your daily activities to lessen distraction and decrease procrastination.

Each month flows into the next and you will be able track your process and pinpoint the areas of your planning where you could benefit from additional help.

The beauty of this guided journal is you can start at any time during the calendar year.