• It's time to get it done [workbook + recordings + toolkit]


    **Materials become available on June 11, 2018.**


    Remember when it was the start of the day, week, month, year, etc. - and you had a great plan to get something major completed?

    You had your focus, list, calendar, gumption, and excitement.

    It was time to do epic things!

    And then...life, reality, a full schedule, lost time, and who knows what - happened.

    Your plan, goals, and "I thought I'd be further along than this" - catches up with you.

    You feel let down and defeated. You wonder where you took a wrong turn. You feel off track.

    Do you know what?

    It happens to all of us?

    And you know what else?

    It's time to get it done!

    This six part - self guided course - allows you to:

    1. map out what's working - and what you should abandon

    2. carve out time to work on your goals/plan in the middle of what you already have going on

    3. have access to realistic tools and guidance to help you focus on what matters most

    4. leave guilt on the sidelines

    5. take it easy on yourself

    6. actually get your something done!

    The toolkit includes

    -6 recorded lessons/pep talks that you can download and listen to at anytime

    -Focus on What Matters guided journal

    -Tip sheets to keep you going in your right direction

    -Bonus materials