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    Bold Living Today Parenting Community

    A space for B.O.L.D. Parents of tweens, teens, and young adults (18-23) to gather, rest, learn, support, and engage with each other.

    B.O.L.D. Principles

    • Believe you can be the best parent you desire to be

    • Own and define your story as a parent

    • Live and parent creatively

    • Design your parenting toolkit based on your values


    What’s included?

    • Coaching and guidance from Kanesha Baynard - a dedicated and highly skilled educational expert

    • Support from a nurturing parent community

    • Access to monthly workshops to help you customize your parenting toolkit

    • Monthly Q&A sessions based relevant topics to support your role as a parent

    • Downloadable curriculum guides – to help you reflect, plan, and execute

    • Early access to registration for Bold Living Today events and Kanesha’s speaking engagements

    • Promo code discounts for parenting resources


    Why should I join?

    You should join the Bold Living Today Parenting Community if you desire to help your child/children positively grow as individuals – while you build positive connections with them. If you want to expand your parenting skills so you can enjoy your tweens, teens, and young adults (ages 18-23) without losing yourself – this community provides a structure to put you on the path of striving, instead of just surviving.



    • Welcoming environment

    • A soft place to land when you are experiencing parenting challenges

    • A clear focus on the needs of tweens, teens, and young adults (ages 18-23)

    • Tools and resources focused on intersectionality and equity

    • Effective learning guides and curricular materials

    • Group coaching

    • Exposure to experts focused on parenting, tweens, teens,  young adults (ages 18-23), post-secondary options, equity, and wellness


    • $15 per month (approximately $2 per day)

    • $150 annual membership (12 months / $30 savings)

    Inaugural pricing is valid until December 31, 2020