Parent Office Hours - Coaching Sessions

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Parenting is often a fulfilling role that brings joy and presents a lot challenges.

It can be difficult to feel fully knowledgeable with all the decisions that need to be made to nurture a child's development - while growing as an adult.

There are so many schools of thoughts on what it means to be a good parent that self-doubt may set in.

And it can feel like the rules are always changing when trying to know how to best support a child.

Through Parent Office Hours - Kanesha is here to help!

Kanesha Baynard is an author, creativity expert and productivity specialist. 

She has been an expert in the field of K-12 for over 20 years.

She also considers herself to be the love child of Oprah Winfrey and  Martha Stewart. 

Kanesha founded the Bold Living Today community which helps  people disrupt unfulfilling patterns through creativity. 

She specializes in helping teens and parents (re)connect through her  Individual Connectedness program.

    • Inner Wellness Tools
    • Parenting Toolkit
    • Remote Learning/Homeschooling
    • Communication Strategies
    • Homework Tips
    • Productivity and Organizational Skills
    • College Planning Tools

Parent Office Hours coaching sessions take place via ZOOM.

The sessions are recorded so parents can have the coaching sessions as a reference tool.

Parents can sign up and have a safe space to express their parenting ideas, concerns, challenges, and successes.

During each session, Kanesha will provide practical tips, tools, and strategies to helps parents support their children - while (re)building their parenting confidence, managing stress, and being less hard on themselves as a parent.

After purchasing your Parent Office Hours coaching session - you will be contacted, via email, for scheduling.

Kanesha’s work has been featured in ​Fast Company​, HuffPost LiveU.S. News and World Report​, ​TiLT Parenting Podcast​, Parents Magazine, WVON 1690 AM radio, and the ​Chicago Tribune​.

She has  also appeared on the ​Dr. Oz Show​