Power of Pleasure Card Deck + Electronic Guidebook

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Add this amazing card deck to your toolkit for living a bold life.

Aligning your power + pleasure when you make big and small decisions in your daily life puts you in the front row to making your right things happen.

Aligning your power + pleasure helps you combat burnout, assists in avoiding the trap of comparison, and amplifies your unique qualities so you can confidently do things your way.

Here are some suggestions for using your Power of Pleasure card deck.

:: Use the cards in partnership with your journaling practice.

:: Pull a card and let it guide your intention for the day, week, or month.

:: Use the cards as conversation starters at events, with your team, at dinner parties, on retreats, and with friends. There are endless possibilities.

:: Write affirmations based on the theme of the card.

:: Pull a card to help you center your thoughts before you go into meditation.

:: Display the cards in a way that helps you feel happy, creative, and bold.

16 Power of Pleasure cardsĀ 
Power of Pleasure Guidebook (electronic/downloadable)