Productivity Audit [coaching session]

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As a productivity strategist, Kanesha has observed many smart and talented clients struggle to focus and get things done.

These clients consistently try to complete task and may be stalled due to procrastination, over-scheduling, disorganization, and decision-making fatigue.

These are common challenges that can derail highly motivated people – but it doesn’t have to be this way.

During a Productivity Audit with Kanesha, she will:

  • Discuss your productivity challenges

  • Guide you through a Productivity Inventory so you can learn your productivity profile

  • Outline the strengths and benefits of your productivity profile

  • Help you pinpoint procrastination triggers

  • Teach you two different time management systems to help you map your daily activities.

The Productivity Audit is designed for clients ages 15 and older.

All Productivity Audit sessions take place via Zoom video conferencing.

Each Productivity Audit session is 60 minutes and included an activity workbook.

After you register for a Productivity Audit, you will be contacted to schedule a date and time for your session.


I enjoyed our conversation and got SO much out of it. I appreciate your feedback and suggestions; it is getting me started thinking in new ways. So energizing! Thank you thank you! – Event Planner (Productivity Coaching)

Hi Kanesha - Thank you for a fabulous night!! Will continue to work on my vision board :) – Health and Wellness Coach (Vision Board Event)

I wanted to let you both know what an amazing time I had last night! The venue as always was beautiful and I loved hoping around the different ‘stations’. I left feeling refreshed to take on the new year with lots of ideas and tools. I liked the ‘mid-life’ lifestyle tips as well. Thank you, thank you. I hope more ladies get to experience an event like this in the future!  - Wardrobe Consultant | Stylist (Vision Board Event)

Your influence on teens & parents is valuable at this time of year. – 7th grade Teacher (Hack Your Planner Workshop)

This info is well timed for me. You just know when to pop in. I need to do a little self-care as things just get hectic. Thank you. – Retired Educator (Burnout Assessment)

This email was Right On Time. Just when I thought I was being selfish because I have to work evenings and not at home for dinner and bedtime, because I go to school during the day, I saw this in my email. – Educator (Burnout Assessment)

HI there!! I just wanted to say what a nice event it was the other night. So glad it went well. Loved it all!! – College Professor (Power + Pleasure Workshop)

I just love you. That’s all. You inspire. You motivate. You are precious! – Author and Jazz Performer (Energy Assessment)

It was a wonderful event.  I can’t wait to read materials tonight. I loved learning from you. That will be my pleasure tonight! – Interior Designer (Power + Pleasure Workshop)

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