• Profitable and Lasting Client Connections [downloadable eBook]

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    Are you a service provider who wants to:

    • Attract clients who are willing to invest in themselves?
    • Build a loyal client base?
    • Provide amazing content that supports your current clients and increases your fan base?
    • Enjoy your work as a service provider?
    • Share your services and expertise on a large scale?

    If so, you have found a powerful tool.

    The strategies presented in Profitable and Lasting Client Connections will support you with:

    • outlining the vision for your business,
    • developing your end game,
    • designing your service manifesto,
    • and tapping into your creativity to keep your work fresh and outstanding.

    Book details:

    • 32 pages
    • downloadable PDF
    • vibrant and colorful
    • planning templates
    • guiding questions
    • action steps grids
    • timeline templates
    • productivity analysis tools
    • quarterly planning maps
    • client profile identification and analysis